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February 19, 2018   Category: Passive components

600A - New Large Current High Power Shunt


The new HS series from KOA is ideal for sensing currents up to 600 A.

Constructed using a solid metal alloy resistance element with copper terminations the device provides superior corrosion and heat resistance and has excellent...

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January 17, 2018   Category: Passive components, Beck Handel

Pulse Proof and Anti-Surge, High Power Thick Film Chip Resistors from KOA

Thick Film Chip Resistor High Power KOA

With the SG73-series, KOA offers a resistor series which has approx. 10 times higher pulse handling capability compared to standard flat chip resistors.

Due to this outstanding pulse load capability these are suitable for...

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November 16, 2017   Category: Passive components, Beck Handel

Increased Power Ratings for Wide Terminal Chip Resistors from KOA


The power rating for several wide terminal chip resistor series has been increased - as a result of rigorous temperature testing, development and evaluation.

KOA’s wide terminations SMD resistors now allow the designer to use a...

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October 11, 2017   Category: Passive components, Beck Handel

3850 ppm/K Platinum Film RTD Temperature Sensors from KOA


KOA’s SDT310 range of resistance temperature detectors (RTD) are available in both radial and axial formats.

These sensors offer excellent linearity, high stability, homogenous heating, high accuracy and fast response...

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