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March 17, 2017   Category: Passive components, Beck Handel

New Current Sensing Thick Film Resistors for Automotive from KOA


KOA’s UR73V-series thick film low ohm resistors are designed for current detection, especially in demanding environments. The special facedown construction makes lower resistance values with a low T.C.R. possible.

The low T.C.R...

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January 02, 2017   Category: Passive components, Beck Handel

Resistors for Embedded Substrates from KOA


Embedded resistors in a PCB allow the miniaturization of the total packages with improved electrical performance and highest reliability. The key factors are high density mounting, good high frequency performance, excellent heat...

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November 22, 2016   Category: Passive components

KOA's Resistors: Linear Thin Film PTC


KOA’s SMD thin film thermosensitive resistors have a linear positive temperature coefficient and are perfect for temperature sensing, control and compensation.

The nickel based PTC thin film element on an alumina substrate...

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