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March 22, 2017   Category: LED Lighting, Beck Handel

Efficient lighting for food with Luminus COB LEDs


Special color LEDs for food sector enable the modern supermarkets to increase significantly the attractiveness of their goods.

The table below shows the COBs, which are perfectly suited for the illumination of food products:...

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March 03, 2017   Category: LED Lighting, Beck Handel

Luminus COB LEDs 3rd Generation

Luminus COBs (Chip on Board) - High Light Quality and Efficiency.

Luminus Productportfolio

With the Luminus Lumen Calculator, you can quickly and easily find the right COB for your application.

Datasheets and samples are...

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January 19, 2017   Category: LED Lighting, Beck Handel

Lextar: linear LED modules now available as Bi-Color Version

Lextar Electronics extends its portfolio of linear modules, the L-Series, with a new Bi-Color version. The modules are available with the usual dimensions of 280x20 mm and 560x20 mm and are equipped with LEDs in two different...

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December 20, 2016   Category: LED Lighting, Beck Handel

Lextar: 3014-Series – PC30H08 now with higher efficiency


Lextar upgrades its 3014-Series and offers the model PC30H08 now with even higher efficiency.      

The new version provides significant enhancements in view of the luminous flux: typical values of up to...

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