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January 06, 2010 /  Category: Passive components

Ultra Flat Power Inductors from KOA

KOA expands its range of ultra flat power inductors. The PL inductor series with ferrite core features a maximum height of 0.5 mm. The new size 1008 inch (2520 metric) covers the inductor values from 0.33 µH up to 4.7 µH. Due to...

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August 04, 2009 /  Category: Passive components

KOA: Wide Terminal Resistor WK73 with new size

KOA: Wide Terminal Resistor WK73 with new size

The WK73 wide terminal resistor is now available in size 1206 (3216 metric). The 90° rotated design has several advantages compared to standard resistor footprints. The 3 times higher power rating of 750 mW is the most visible....

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April 20, 2009 /  Category: Passive components

KOA: Universal Modular Fuse Links CCF-UM

KOA Universal Modular Fuse Links CCF-UM

The CCF-UM is a Universal Modular Fuse (UMF) with fusing characteristics according to IEC standard 60127-4, with current ratings from 400 mA up to 6.3 A. Its voltage rating is equal for AC and DC at 125 V. The circuit protector...

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November 11, 2008 /  Category: Passive components

New Power Shunt PSE from KOA

Power Shunt PSE from KOA

KOA produces a newly developed metal plate power shunt for currents up to 54 Amperes and small dimensions. Its metal plate structure offers precise measurements and excellent temperature distribution. The excellent temperature...

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November 07, 2008 /  Category: Passive components

New Anti Sulphuration Flat Chip Resistors from KOA

Anti Sulphuration Flat Chip Resistors from KOA

KOA developed new flat chip resistors with extremely high resistivity against sulphurated environments, high humidity and high temperature. The enhanced structure is based on a metal glaze thick film. Tests in H2S environment...

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May 28, 2008 /  Category: Passive components

ELNA: new snap-in series LAZ 3,000 hours/105°C

ELNA introduces the new snap-in series LAZ with the service life of 3,000 hours/105°C, a high a/c loading capacity and smaller design. The capacitance range extends from 56µF to 560µF and the nominal voltage amounts to 400V d/c...

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February 29, 2008 /  Category: Passive components

WALSIN High Voltage MLCC at Beck Elektronik

MLCC Walsin

Beck Elektronik has extended the product line of WALSIN High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors. The capacitors that are outstandingly well constructed for the operation in power supply units and voltage transformers, can...

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