Archiv: TFT-Display, LCD, OLEDArchive: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED

Archiv: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED

May 24, 2016 /  Category: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED, Beck Computer

New 7" IPS super bright display from Ampire

The new panels have better contrast, wider viewing angle and shorter response time. Kindly pay attention to the pearl of the row, the display AM-1280800P3TZQW-00H.

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December 14, 2015 /  Category: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED, Beck Computer

E-Ink New Wave: Monochrome Segmented Electronic Paper Displays


E-Ink Segmented displays are ultra-low power and rugged. E-Ink’s unique reflective display technology is sunlight readable and can display an image even with no power connected to it. This enables engineers and designers to add...

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November 23, 2015 /  Category: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED, Beck Computer

e-Paper Displays

Beck Elektronik is offering bistable displays – so called e-paper displays. Manufacturer is E-ink. We have monochrome graphic displays based on TFT backplane with following

sizes, resolutions and pixel densities:

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September 10, 2015 /  Category: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED

New OLED Displays

Beck Elektronk can provide new OLED displays made by RiTdisplay.

On the one hand, we have character modules of white colour:

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February 10, 2015 /  Category: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED

OLED Displays with Long Durability


Despite all progress during last years, a flaw of insufficient durability has been adhering to OLED displays.Our partner RiTdisplay now presents a new generation of OLED displays with considerable improvement of operation hours...

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October 15, 2014 /  Category: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED

Customized TFT and OLED Displays for Automotive Application


As is known, to supply displays to automotive industry is a big challenge.

Beck Elektronik and its partners are now in the position not only to fulfil these requirements but also to develop and to produce customized...

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March 30, 2014 /  Category: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED

Thin, high resolution and light as a feather

[Translate to English:] display-notebook-duenn-leicht

... are the new displays for notebook applications from Innolux.

The N133HSE-EA1, shown on the picture, does not exceed a thickness of 2.7 mm at any point. Fibre optics and glass are thin to reach this characteristic. Also the...

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