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08.04.15 /  Kategorie: Aktive Bauelemente, Beck Handel

Surface Mount Bridge Rectifier (1.5 A, 1000 V)



RABS15M is a fast recovery glass passivated bridge rectifier in a miniature ABS-L package, and makes them ideal for automated placement and compact PCB design.

This bridge rectifier offer high surge-current (IFSM) capability and ultrafast reverse recovery time (trr) for high frequency applications.


  • Ideal for automated placement, compact PCB design
  • High surge current capability
  • Ultrafast reverse recovery time for high frequency
  • Negligible leakage current
  • Compliant to RoHS
  • Halogen-free


  • AC-DC bridge full wave rectification for SMPS
  • Lighting ballast
  • Adapter
  • Battery charger
  • Home appliance
  • Tlecommunication