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18.03.15 /  Kategorie: Aktive Bauelemente, Beck Handel

Single-Stage Low THD Buck-Boost PWM Control LED Driver TS19730CX6



The TS19730 is a cost-effective AC-DC LED driver with integrated power factor correction (PFC), THD less than 10%, and constant current output load regulation to within ±2.5%.

It operates in boundary conduction mode (BCM) to achieve PFC greater than 0.9 and high efficiency conversion. TS19730 also provides voltage clamp protection for the gate driving output, VCC over-voltage protection, and system output open/short circuit protection.

The application range for this LED driver includes LED lighting power up to 30 W for down-light, tube, and PAR lamp applications. An application note with reference design, demo board and recommended BOM will be available.


  • Low THD <10%
  • Constant Current Accuracy within ±2.5%
  • High Power Factor >0.9
  • Low BOM Cost
  • Boundary Conduction Mode Control
  • Gate Output Voltage Clamp
  • LED Open Protection / LED Short protection
  • Over Current Protection (OCP) / Over Thermal Protection (OTP)


  • LED lighting power within 30W
  • Down light
  • Tube lamp
  • PAR lamp
  • Bulb