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14.07.14 /  Kategorie: Aktive Bauelemente

N-Channel Super-Junction Power MOSFETs





Whilst high voltage Power MOSFETs using planar technology have reached Silicon limitations, Super-Junction technology can overcome the limits of planar technology.

Super-Junction technology offers highest switching speeds due to reduced gate loads and capacitances, so enables either higher current density and higher power density or components with considerably lower on-state resistance RDS(on) while keeping the same die size.

Super-Junction Power MOSFETs by TSC offer an outstanding low RDS(on) and therefore an optimized Figure-of-Merit (FOM) performance of (RDS(on) · Qg). A smaller FOM means higher efficiency and better total device performance by lower conduction loss and good switching performance. Furthermore they offer high single-pulse avalanche ruggedness performance and high commutation performance.

In near future the portfolio will be extended to cover an RDS(on) range between 1.4 Ω down to 0.19 Ω and drain currents ID from 4 A to 20 A for drain-source voltage VDS of 600 V and 700 V.

Features and Benefits:

  • Super-Junction technology
  • High performance due to small figure-of-merit
  • High ruggedness performance
  • High commutation performance


  • Power supply
  • Lighting applications