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LED Driver TS19705CX6



The TS19705 is a constant current Fly-back controller with primary side control and PFC function for LED lighting applications.

The controller achieves high power factor and low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) operation by Boundary Conduction Mode (BCM). The line and load regulation of LED current is about <±3% because of particular control method.

TS19705 also provides gate driving voltage clamping, VCC overvoltage protection and system output open/short circuit protection to increase IC performance. It is suited for universal input voltage range from 90 to 264 VAC. The driver comes in SOT-26 package.


  • Accuracy Constant Current <±3%
  • Low BOM Cost
  • Primary-side feedback control
  • Application Voltage Range: 90~ 264VAC
  • Transition-mode PFC operating
  • Built-in Active Power Factor Correction
  • Constant Output Current Control
  • Good Line and Load Regulation
  • Open-LED Protection on DMG pin
  • Over-Voltage Protection on VCC pin
  • Short-LED Protection
  • Cycle by Cycle Over Current Protection on CS pin
  • Over-Temperature Protection
  • Gate Driving Voltage Clamping 


  • E27, T5, T8 LED lighting
  • Bulb
  • Down Light
  • LED Lighting Applications