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06.12.12 /  Kategorie: Passive Bauelemente

KOA presents Low Ohm Thick Film Flat Chip Resistors (Facedown Construction)


KOA’s UR73D-series thick film shunts are designed for current
detection in power supplies, motor control and industrial
automation applications.

The special face down construction (mounting of the resistive element on the lower face of the component) yields low T.C.R. ratings for this series.

By its particular construction, the contribution of electrode material and solder
fillet on total T.C.R. and resistive value is minimized.
The excellent electrical and thermal contact to the PCB allows higher power
ratings than with conventional thick film flat chips of the same size.
The face down shunts are available in sizes 0402 to 2512 and cover
the ohmic range from 10 milliohm to 100 milliohm.
The tolerance ±1% is standard for all values and the best T.C.R. is specified
as ±100ppm/K.
The resistors are designed for operation from -55°C to +125°C.

The new shunt resistor series UR73D covers a range of ohmic value and T.C.R. combinations that has so far been dominated by metal plate resistor solutions. The UR73D thus offers a cost efficient approach for current sensing in the power range up to 1 Watt.


  • Competitive alternative to metal plate parts
  • Available in sizes 0402 to 2512
  • Resistance range 10milliW to 100milliW
  • Tolerance ±1% is standard
  • Best T.C.R. is ±100ppm/K
  • Power rating 0.125W to 1W max.
  • High pulse handling capability
  • Meets EU-RoHS requirements


  • Power supplies
  • Motor circuits
  • Industrial automation
  • Computers, HDD’s
  • Portable equipment, mobile phones
  • Automotive accessories up to +85°C for car room equipment
    (e.g. car navigation system/audio, digital television tuner, ETC unit, etc. )