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Samsung Electro-Mechanics Power Inductors CIG22H – High current


power inductor

Samsung Electro-Mechanics offers increased current multilayer inductors.

The inductors of the CIG22H series achieve high rated currents up to 3A @ 1μH in 1008 packaging.
They are available from 330nH up to 4.7μH.
Beside the superior electrical performance they offer the best value for money.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics can offer a wide range of Power Inductors for various applications like
LED lighting, coffee machines, embedded PC and other small sized DC-DC converters.
Multilayer inductors offer high reliability and small case size applications.

Miniaturisation and high reliability has been a hot issue in the industry for many years and are still key driving factors.

Samples are available on request.

Order code:   CIG21H***MAE – 1.0mm
                      CIG21H***MNE – 1.2mm


  • Embedded PC
  • LED Lighting
  • Brown goods
  • Set Top Boxes


  • High Current
  • Slow saturation
  • Highest reliability
  • Low profile