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16.07.12 /  Kategorie: Passive Bauelemente

Wide Terminal Chip Resistors from KOA
now in size 0612 with ohmic range up to 1MΩ



High reliability and enhanced terminal strength are
essential in all power applications.
KOA’s WK73-series has a 90° rotated design and offers
several advantages compared to standard resistor

A three times higher power rating in case of 0612 vs 1206 size
is the most visible. This can save board space and is based on
the improved heat dissipation through the solder joints.
Much higher terminal strength is related to the bigger soldering

The lower distance between the terminals, results in less expansion stress to the solder joints.

The inner resistive pattern causes less temperature rise. All the above mentioned benefits combined, result in a superior reliability compared to standard flat chip resistors.

KOA is now offering the WK73S-series which is suitable for current sensing (10mΩ to 9.1Ω) and the standard ohmic range WK73R-series (10Ω to 1MΩ) in 4 different sizes. This full ohmic range is now also available for the smallest size 0612.

For more information please see here (, 112 KB ).