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02.01.17 /  Kategorie: Passive Bauelemente, Beck Handel

Resistors for Embedded Substrates from KOA



Embedded resistors in a PCB allow the miniaturization of the total packages with improved electrical performance and highest reliability. The key factors are high density mounting, good high frequency performance, excellent heat dissipation and high reliability by protection.


KOA’s resistors of XR73 series are especially designed for the usage in embedded technologies.These extremely low profile parts of 0.13/0.14 mm height with Cu-terminations allow an easy placement between the PCB layers and can be connected with the top and bottom terminations to the PCB layers. This can realize high miniaturization of the circuit. The parts are connected by conductive adhesion.


  • Low profile of 0.13 and 0.14 mm height
  • Cu terminations
  • Al2O3 substrate
  • R-tolerance ±1%, ±5% is standard
  • Jumper (1A) also available
  • Suitable for conductive adhesion


  • Industrial control systems
  • Medical
  • Semiconductor packaging substrate
  • Smart phone module (RF, PA, CPU)
  • Tablet PC, Note PC
  • etc.