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18.07.16 /  Kategorie: Passive Bauelemente, Beck Handel

Expansion of Product Portfolio of Anti Sulfuration Resistors from KOA



KOA’s special anti-sulfuration resistors are intended to be used under harsh environment with a high level of sulfur contamination.

A high reliable material with extremely high sulfuration-proof characteristics is used in the inner top electrodes.

Sulfuration is a phenomenon that the inner electrodes (Ag/Pd-type material) of chip resistors react with sulfur gas which creates silver sulfide.
As sulfuration proceeds, the conduction of the inner electrode will be lost and the chip resistor gets disconnected.

Thanks to technical know-how of sulfuration-proof material, KOA has been able to achieve an extremely high level of sulfuration-proof performance.


If it’s intended to use products under harsh environment (under high density of sulphur),
KOA recommends using the “Anti-Sulfuration Flat Chip Resistors” as a perfect measure.


  • Excellent anti-sulfuration characteristic due to using
    high-sulfuration-proof inner top electrode material
  • Available for several standard product series
    (like RK73, SG73, CN)
  • Intended for use under harsh environment


  • Industrial control systems
  • Automotive
  • Electric instrumentation
  • Power meter / conditioner
  • Solar / wind inverter circuits
  • Avionics