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04.08.09 /  Kategorie: Passive Bauelemente

KOA: Wide Terminal Resistor WK73 with new size


KOA: Wide Terminal Resistor WK73 with new size

The WK73 wide terminal resistor is now available in size 1206 (3216 metric). The 90° rotated design has several advantages compared to standard resistor footprints. The 3 times higher power rating of 750 mW is the most visible. It is based on the improved heat dissipation through the solder joint. The much higher terminal strength of the WK73 relates to the bigger solder pad. Additionally the lower distance between the terminals results in less expansion stress on the solder joints.

All the above mentioned benefits combined, result in a higher reliability of the part compared to standard thick film resistors. You can now find the WK73 in size 1206 available in the ohmic range from 10 mOhm up to 3.3 kOhm. The operating temperature ranges from -55°C up to +155°C. The WK fully complies with EU RoHS and China RoHS requirements. Amongst other applications, the product can be mainly used in Power Supplies, Control units and Current measurement applications.

For further information and labkits of the WK73 wide terminal resistor please contact us.